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Rann Utsav Packages

Rannutsav, It’s a Carnival of Music, Dance, Enhance the nature beauty of White Rann / Dessert when the flash light of kutch utsav Full Moon spread it on the white land starts every year of Rann Utsav December onwards at rann kutch utsav festival, Kutch, rann mahotsav 2015 Gujarat & marks this celebration till Holi. Kutch rann utsav 2015 - 2016 shimmering landscape that gives the enchanting moments of this Fest, which feels like as Heaven On Earth during Festival Time specially on rann kutch utsav - rann utsav, Spend holidays at rann utsav with your family and explore festival of rann utsav, Book your trip for rann utsav tour in advance.

The Rann utsav, Wonderful Location to Visit at India, Gujarat which starts every year of December onwards at Kutch, Gujarat & marks this celebration till Holi. Avail best offer for Group tour, NRI Tour, Couple tour for kutch rann utsav full moon tour package and tent information, For further detail, email us at

Rann Utsav is cradled in the largest salt marsh of the world, “The Great Rann of Kutch”. It is a revival of local artisans, folk artists & musicians of Kutch, which echoes for over a period of three months. This festival of colors, vibrancy and exclusive Kutchi lifestyle finds praise nationally and internationally. Spread across a massive 5,00,000 sq. mt., elegance comes unfolding to the picturesque full moon nights that transcends and transforms the landscape into a surreal embellishment.

Car Rentals

In order to provide you with exclusive level of personalized services and also with most competitive rates, we maintain our owned fleet of air - conditioned vehicles consisting of premium cars of different models.

Hotel & Resort Bookings

We render our service in hotel and resort bookings to our guest around the city with lowest and best rates available during the bookings.

Chauffeurs / Local City Guide Service

Chauffeurs are our Business Ambassadors. Selection process includes a careful screening and an intensive training programme.

Our smartly attired, well groomed Chauffeurs serve as local city guides. They practice safe driving techniques, holds official driving license, posse’s emergency handling skills and each to them carry mobile phone for easy accessibility.